Mark Seaman

Mark Seaman is an American Master Wood Carver noted for "carving" his name through the art world. Living in San Diego for over 30 years, his sea inspired carvings can be found up and down the California coast in restaurants, bars, private homes, and schools. His western inspired horses, buffalo, and Native American Chiefs showcases his many talents in storytelling and attention to detail making each carving truly special.

Mark attended San Diego State University, where he learned to perfect his craft and make it his career. Staying true to the California lifestyle, he would surf every morning, noticing the beauty of the sea, it's creatures, and the local lagoon life. Using sturdy materials such as Honduran Mahogany, Black Walnut, Teak, and White Oak, each carving contains the beauty of the wood allowing the perfect backdrop to each image.

Recently Mark finished a carving of La Jolla Shores for Duke's Restaurant in La Jolla, California. A 10'x5' view of the famous La Jolla coast line carved out of high density foam, providing a fresh feel to a surf inspired restaurant. Other projects in the works includes landscapes of beaches, light houses, and Multnomah falls in Oregon.

Using just a chisel, hammer, and a block of wood, Mark is truly a Master Wood Carver.